Gemini Jets Accessory
Double Airport Terminal Building in 1/400 Scale

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Gemini Jets Accessory: One (1) 3/Piece lighted Airport Terminal Double Wide Airport Passenger Terminal Building with 22 individual passenger Jetways, for use with most 1/400 scale Pre-assembled model dioramas, made of molded resin plastic, featuring twenty-two (22) moveable/adjustable air bridges, also interior and exterior LED lighting, the terminal building have an approximate size of 54” (137cm). (Airport mats, hangars, and accessory vehicles, & aircraft models shown, SOLD separately). This product is made of Realistic Authentic and Highly Detailed Graphics consisting of three sturdy rectangular plastic pieces, this is the Original 1st Release version of the Gemini Jets 1/400 scale Diorama Airport Terminal Designed based on Contemporary, airports. Featuring sweeping corrugated overhangs and sleek, linear facades. Wrap-around windows with a battery-operated interior and rooftop LED lighting adds realism bringing this terminal to life. Also includes numbered and Airline stickers for end user customization. Totally Enhanced construction of an extended double wide Terminal building. Please NOTE: This product is for use with many applications including the NEW Gemini Jets Airport Mat, as well as other Air Bridge(s), Ground Support Equipment (GSE) and model airliners products in the 1/400 scale. All which are SOLD separately. This product is available beginning in April, 2008.



This Product is SOLD AS IS, With a knwon manufacturing defect. Unfortunately Due to age and Long-term storage. This product has a manufacturing defect.  The terminal opening for placing each of the individual gate airbridges, have a female hole/fitting, which are part of the terminals building themselves, and were the male peg from each of the airbridges fits into.  These female fittings on the terminals are covered in some sort of polyurethane or Styrofoam materials, which over time has deteriorated, yellowed and crystalized and no longer intact or in their original condition. Now what does this mean to you as the end user. Basically, it means you would need to alter or modify the way you put together or assemble the terminal. Each of the airbridges would need to be permanently GLUED in place. Thus, the male part of the airbridge into the female part of the actual airbridge placement on the terminal. Keeping in mind that once you’ve glued these two pieces together it’s a permanent solution/remedy to the existing problem. This product is SOLD to you AS IS. And you are aware of the exiting defect of the product being purchased.

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