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NOTE: PLEASE READ CAREFULLY BEFORE you BUY. ALL SALES are FINAL, Without EXCEPTION, OBSOLUTELY NO RETURNS, NO REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES shall be permitted or accepted on any Product or Merchandise listed on this CLEARANCE or SALES page, this also applies to any other product(s) purchased on this web site which has been heavily discounted price(s).

ADAMJets.com offers a NEW promotion discount on all available in-stock products from AK200, AVIATION200 and INFLIGHT200. All merchandise discounted at CLOSE OUT prices. NOTE all merchandise on SALE are products in a 1/200 scale. As of January 2018, ADAMJets.com will no longer carry any NEW Releases from these manufacturers.

Please note: These special Discounted Prices are offered on a first come, first served basis, while supplies last, certain restrictions apply, each limited to a maximum of three (3) units (when available) of any one type of product(s). All Merchandise on SALES is subject to specific restrictions.

These products are all NEW, in their original boxes, (depending on its age, some boxes may show some wear and tear from storage) however the merchandise has never been displayed, and only removed form it's packaging to be carefully inspected prior to shipping in accordance with our normal standards and procedures. For further information on our standards of inspection, please visit (Condition of Use page, under section RETURNS, EXCHANGES, REFUNDS and CLAIMS), and they are SOLD, on a first come, first served basis, without any type of warranty. All at of the products listed herein have been heavily discounted and available for a limited time. You may combine any one or several merchandises on SALES, with other products in the same order. But SALES products are limited to just one of each type.

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