Testimonials from our Customers

Thanks Luis. You are a credit to the hobby! If you find one you certainly have my interest! John, R., Vancouver, WA. 07/2017.

Hi Luis! I received the model yesterday, it is amazing! I hope that JC Wings can release a 727-100 in the Cruzeiro colors with the same quality. I'm sad to know you are going to close your store, I hope you have success in your future business! Thank you for all, best wishes! Melo, A., Sao Jose, Brazil, 06/2017.

¡Muchas gracias, Luis! It´s a PLEASURE to do business with you! Best Regards, Cadavid, A., Medellin, Colombia, 05/2017.

Hi Luis, Thanks so much for your email. You guys have been great to me and I’ll miss being able to buy Aero classics from ADAMJets. Thank you, Luis. Best Regards, Sanford, E., Lehigh Valley, PA. 04/13/2017.

Hi Luis, Thank you so much!! I always appreciate what you do for me. You will be missed and honored to know you for all these years. So sorry to hear of your Carpal Tunnel, hopefully you are doing better!! All my best to you moving forward!! Respectfully, Foreman, P., Franklin, TN. 04/2017.

Good day, just wanted to say everything arrived in tip top shape. Very excited to add the planes to my collection. Thank you again and I wish you all the best in your future endeavors, Sincerely, Beal, M. Lower Sackville, Canada 01/2017.

Hello Luis Both models landed safely this morning Thank you very much for such a swift delivery Again, Merry Christmas and I wish you the very best for the coming New Year. "Feliz Navidad y próspero Ano Nuevo" Prescott, I. Epsom, Surrey, United Kingdom. 12/2016.

Hello Luis the models arrived today, thank you very much for the excellent service, it is appreciated. With all good wishes. Fisher, I. Dorset, Great Britain, 12/2016.

Hi Luis: Thanks a lot for your quick and kind response. ADAMJets is the kind of company which always provides an excellent service, and I congratulate and thank you for it. Hopefully you’ll remain in this business in order to keep being part of this great hobby. I’ll keep you posted for verify a complete delivery of my package. Have a great day, Moreno, G., Miami, Florida, 11/2016.

Good morning, Luis. Thank you for your excellent communication regarding my order. I have successfully placed it this morning using PayPal. I'm sorry to have only discovered ADAMJets in its final days. Whatever you're moving on to next, I hope it includes customer interaction. The world is running out of guys like you who respond directly, without a script, and obviously care about the customer, regardless of the order amount. Seefeld, W., Starkville, MS., 10/2016.

Hello Luis; Hope you are well. First, I want to thank you for being a great company for collectibles in the airline industry. I appreciate everything you did with excellent customer service and knowledge. Again, all the best to you and your family going forward. Giannelli, E., Smithtown, NY., 09/2016.

Morning ADAMJets!! This order took so long to reach me because I chose my ship to address in California to get a cheaper freight. As I was in no hurry to receive this order. Despite package travel, all models arrived in good condition and even with the unexpected of the missing model I’m happy with you guys! You quickly resolved the situation showing respect and consideration to the customer. Tks once more, Lobo, E., Belem, Brazil, 09/2016.

Hi there, and Maria: Models reached me this morning in perfect shape, and I wish to tell you I am fully satisfied! I noticed that individual boxes had been additionally secured, this is a fine and rare attention for such models. Be sure I will remind ADAMJets for future order. Sanchez, M., Près de la Mairie, France 08/2016.

Estimado Luis: Te confirmo que ya me llego el encargo y, como siempre muy bien. Muchas gracias y se agradece la dedicación y preocupación. Saludos, Irarrazabal, A., Santiago, Chile, 08/2016.

Dear Adamjets; I received the tires for fixing the broken ones. Thank you very much for your heart warming service and handling the matter quickly to give excellent service. I would like to use your company to purchase plane models again. Sincerely, Makoto, Nagoya, Japan. 10/2015.

Hi Luis; Thank you very much for your kindness and speedy delivery. I received the package today. Again, thank you very much, a great worldwide seller! Kind regards, Toshio, Tokyo, Japan. 08/2015.

Hello Luis; All planes arrived on as stated. All perfect and your box expertly packaged! I can't believe the graphic detail is getting better and better. Thank you indeed Luis. George, West Palm Beach, Florida 08/2015.

Thank you for the buySAFE Guarantee This is an excellent addition to the shopping experience -Thanks a bunch! Matthew. Woodstock, Illinois, 07/2015.

Luis; Me llegó el pedido y, como siempre, en excelentes condiciones. Se agradece el cariño con que embalaron y despacharon los aviones Saludos desde Chile, André, Santiago de Chile, Chile. 07/2015.

Hello ADAMJets staff; I just received my SAS DC-10 that I ordered last week. The service very quick and safe. Very satisfied!! Thank you. Michael, Ontario, Canada. 06/2015.

Hi Luis, I just want to say thank you for the good model, arrived in good condition. I did a review of the model itself and referenced your website, hopefully it helps you with more exposure. Have a look at the pictures. Michael, West Covina, California, 04/2015.

Luis; I received my airplane models today in perfect condition. Thanks for packing them with such care. Just wanted to let you know the post office left them on the front door without getting a signature. My wife was home but they didn’t even ring the doorbell. Fortunately, the neighborhood is pretty safe so they weren’t taken, Cliff, Los Angeles, California, 04/2015.

Hello Luis; Received the package today in perfect condition, and it was very well packed! Thank you! Regards. Rajiv, Singapore, Singapore, 04/2015.

Hola Luis; Buenos días, Saludos desde Tijuana / San Diego te confirmo que le día de ayer recibí el paquete. Excelentes modelos muchas gracias, el A300 de VIASA esta de lujo ese modelo lo he estado esperando desde hace mucho tiempo. Esperemos pronto veamos más modelos de Venezuela como el DC-10 de Avensa. Saludos y muchas gracias. Roberto, San Diego, California, 03/2015.

Hi Jose; I want to thank you for being so fast! Actually ADAM Jets is the best store for die cast models on the internet. You guys are fast, shipping costs are good/reasonable and your reward points program it is something your competitors don't have. Congratulations, Ed, Sao Paulo, Brazil, 03/2015.

ADAMJets; That's excellent customer service, appreciate your refunding one of the postage fees! Thank you very much. Malcolm, Ontario, Canada. 02/2015.

To the Staff: Today I received an order I placed a few days ago, an Asiana 747-400 1:200 and ramp personal and travelers. This was the second order I've placed with Adam jets. I am very pleased with the quality and prices of your models and very happy to find some place that sells scale people, there very hard to find. Anyway, I just thought I would let you know that I continue to be happy with your products and services, I look forward to a long and happy time of getting my 200 scale models from you. By the way, how do the points work, and what is each point worth? Happy flights, Dennis, Tukwila, Washington. 02/2015.

Hello Mr. Garcia; Your shipment arrived yesterday in perfect order and yes, I am delighted with the models. The AA Convair was well worth the wait! The care that goes into preparing your shipments really impresses me. If I were you, I would draw attention to this fact on your website. It would appear that you inspect your merchandise prior to shipment and don't ship anything that is defective. This is not the case with other outlets. You also have a very nice website - quite easy to search and the 'pop-up' feature showing individual models is very effective. I know that I had a couple of complaints recently, but everything was resolved and I remain a highly satisfied customer. Regards, Tom, West Lafayette, Indiana, 01/2015.

Hi to all at ADAMJets, and a Happy New Year! Writing to say, as a new customer, how impressed with your service l am. Excellent packaging, taken with so much care, which is important for these fragile little models. Also with FedEx service. So quick! I will most certainly be buying more items from you in the future. Excellent! Mel, Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom. 01/2015.


ADAMJETS; Thank you for the buySAFE Guarantee, Thanks for providing this service Amir, Ontario, Canada. 12/2014.

Staff at ADAMJETS; Thank you for the buySAFE Guarantee, Thanks! Awesome buying experience! Joseph, Edison, New Jersey, 11/2014.

ADAMJets; Received Today-Thank You for your fast service, Franco, Veneto, Italy, 11/2014.

Luis; A quick note of thanks here Luis, and a realization that such matters can arise with inventory occasionally, but not to worry. Your commitment is apparent and much appreciated, and a very prosperous holiday shopping season for you at Adam’s Jets. It's well deserved. All the best, Carlos, West Lafayette, Indiana, 10/2014.

Dear Luis; Greetings from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I received the package of 2 model airliners (order no. XXXXXXXXXXX) from you yesterday. Thank you. Everything was in perfect condition. Both the real planes may have been destroyed in separate tragedies, but their models are now sitting proudly on my display cabinet. Thank you for a very pleasant shopping experience with you. You may be half way around the world from me, but I do hope to visit you in person one day. Best wishes, Ping Kiat, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 09/2014.

Good afternoon Sir:Just a quick note to let you know my purchase arrived safely today. Your service was first class, as was the packaging and I noted very “Canada Friendly”. I will be purchasing from you again in the future. Thank you. Noel. Calgary, Alberta, Canada. 01/2014.

Hello Luis;Thanks for taking the time to discuss your position as a business owner. I do understand the importance of business to customer relationships and when to cut off/drop someone who is creating loss/trouble. I certainly hope to have a positive professional relationship as a customer and look forward to future purchases. Thanks. Stephen. Reno, Nevada. 01/2014.

Estimado Luis; Para notificarle que el día de hoy he recibido todos los modelos correspondientes a la orden. Me llegaron en perfectas condiciones. Reciba un cordial y caluroso saludo de fin de año, con los mejores deseos de un 2014 lleno de bienestar. Diego. Bogotá, Colombia. 12/2013.

Olá, Luis; Gostaria de recomendar a ADAMJets.com a todos os colecionadores do Brasil pela grande variedade de modelos (é a loja com o maior estoque de miniaturas de aviões de companhias aéreas brasileiras e latinoamericanas), pelo cuidado na embalagem e especialmente pela parceria que vem mantendo com fabricantes como a Phoenix Models e a AeroClassics para nos trazer sempre novidades como os modelos recém-lançados da GOL, VARIG, TAM e Cruzeiro. Só lamento que o câmbio do dólar esteja pouco favorável (USD $ 1.00 = BRL R$ 2.40) e que a alfândega esteja taxando a maioria das encomendas, senão compraria muito mais modelos todos os meses! Um forte abraço. Daniel. Rio de Janeiro, BRAZIL 12/2013

Hello Luis;Many thanks! I greatly appreciate your assistance. Your sale and product range is excellent. Your firm has helped build my collection. Shorewood, Wisconsin. 11/2013.

Hi, Mr. Luis; I've just received the package pertaining to the order. All 11 models came in perfect shape. I've always appreciated the extra care you show at protecting each model. Thank you! Regards, Isabella. Rio de Janeiro, BRAZIL. 11/2013.

Hi there;The delivery has been arrived! Thank you for the excellent service! Good website, perfect wrapped models and parcel, I had no custom cost to pay as you declared a low value. I am happy with you so I will order more from you guys. Thanks a lot, Stefan. Herisau, Switzerland. 06/2013.

Luis;Thank you so much for offering the gears. I’m truly pleased with the service Adam Jets has offered me in the past and will continue shopping with your establishment. No doubt you score an A++++ in your customer service department. Best Wishes and Happy Independence to you and yours. Vic. Omaha, Nebraska. 07/2013.

Hi Louis; I was pleasantly surprised by the excellent packaging! You reinforced the Aero Classics box, which prevented it from being damaged during shipping. As a collector, I'm sure you know that the condition of the box is very important. I only wish that everyone in the industry would take the time to do the same. Juan. Richmond Hills Ontario, Canada. 06/2013.

Hello;I have bought many times in this way with you, and it has been a pleasure. Thank for your excellent service and guarantee. Eduardo. Mexico, D.F. Mexico. 03/2013.

Aloha Luis; Wow, you are totally awesome!!! Even though you had several hundred orders this month you remembered about my request and comment from my previous order! Wow that is simply amazing and a huge Mahalo or Thank You for doing this for me! Going beyond the call in Customer Service, I sincerely appreciate what you did for me, Luis! It's wonderful doing business with you and I will remember this for a very long time!!! Again a huge Thank You for all you have done, Luis! Have a great day! Sincerely from a very grateful customer and friend, Keith, Hilo, Hawaii. 02/2013.

Hey Luis; Thanks, you seem to run a tight ship there and it shows a level of customer service that puts bigger companies (another similar retailers) to shame. In hindsight I should have attached a couple of "if you run out of A then just replace with B or C" choices. Next time though, I will do just that. Thanks for all the info and take care. Sandy. Birmingham, United Kingdom. 02/2013.

Muchas gracias; Como siempre es un gusto comprar con profesionales y amantes de este apasionado hobby! el envió me llego sin problemas y en excelente estado. Saludos desde México. Francisco. Tlalnepantla, Mexico. 02/2013.

Hi Mr. Garcia; I received my models today and I am sending this email to thank you for the good models that you send me. They are in mint condition in the way I was expecting to see. You did the best packaging I have ever seen. I really liked the way you did it. It was very professional. Thanks a lot, God bless you. Regards, Amir. Jawat Barat, Indonesia. 07/2012.

Dear Luis; You've got a happy customer in the Netherlands! My KLM DC-9 arrived today in perfect condition. This ended a long time search for this model. Thank you very much! Greetings from Holland. Rob. Almere, the Netherlands. 03/2012.

Dear Staff;I have received my order today. All the parts of the model were intact. Thanks for your careful packing of my models. I look forward to shop with you again. Many Thanks & Regards. Yashwanth. Mumbai, India. 01/2012.

Dear Mr Luis;I've just received the box referring to order #904?. All models arrived in perfect conditions. As always, the very good packaging deserves praise. Thank you. My best regards.... Bernardo, 05/09 Bahia, BRAZIL

Hi Luis; Wow!....Thank you for the tracking info and extremely prompt service. This is my first experience purchasing from Adamjets, and I am very, very impressed with your service. Will be looking forward to receiving your package. Thanks again for the First Class customer service. I wish more online-businesses would mirror their service like Adamjets.com. Have A Nice Day..... James, 01/2008, Honolulu, Hawaii USA

G'Day Guys;Have just received our recent order (No.: 7113810), as always prompt, safe and wonderful. Please pass on our thanks to all involved. At this time we would like to wish one and all a very MERRY XMAS and our very best wishes for the New Year. Thank you for all your help in 2007 and we will see you again in the New Year.Steve, 12/2007 Perth, Western Australia

Dear Luis; I just got the package and in perfect shape. It was great doing business with you. All the best. Flávio, 12/2007 Sao Paulo, BRAZIL

Hola Luis; Solo para comentarte que el día de hoy he recibido mis modelos, el empaque me habla de mucho cuidado y dedicación a lo que hacen, los modelos llegaron perfectamente. Quiero felicitarte porque cuando ADAMJets ya tiene modelos en sold out y tengo que recurrir a otros vendedores en muchas ocasiones estos no me han llegado, cuando el envío procede de Ustedes, mis aviones llegan rápido y nunca he perdido uno. Te felicito, sinceramente. Carlos, 11/2007 Guanajuato, MEXICO

Hi LUIS;just to say thank you, my 2 BAe 146 models came safely today. THANKS again for a perfect service, till the next time regards. PG, 11/2007 Kaernten, AUSTRIA

Dear Customer Service; Hell. My name is Takuroh. Order. I've received the item on Nov 12. I'm really pleased with the item. Thank you very much. I'm looking forward to dealing with you again. Best regards, Takuroh, 11/2007 Ichinomiya-City, JAPAN

Dear Luis; Finally received this order Wed afternoon,.....it was with great relief. Once again,...I'd like to thank you for all your professionalism and actions to correct this lost order,... Looking forward to the next order arriving. All the best to you and your staff and wish you continued success. Regards, Paul, 11/2007 Mount Gravatt, AUSTRALIA

Hello Adam Jets;Six order airplanes arrived safely on July 24 at Japan standard time. Thank you for very polite packing. Moreover, my best regards at the next chance. Yutaka, 07/2007 Osaka, JAPAN


Dear Luis; Here is the requested form, It's sad that it hasn't worked but your customer service is excellent. Keep me posted regards. Erik, 03/2007 Hamburg, GERMANY


Dear Luis; a big thanks you to you again. This was a great transaction and a pleasure ordering at ADAMJets Rgds. Erik, 02/2007 Hamburg, GERMANYY

Good Morning from the U.K; My order arrived today, thank you for a very smooth transaction and very quick delivery, I am very satisfied and will certainly order from you again, kind regards. Nigel, 02/2007 Canvey Island, Essex GREAT BRITAIN

Thank you for the wonderful service!!!!! Received my model yesterday and it is proudly on display in my office. I've bought from other dealers in the past and it was not a good experience! Look forward to purchasing more freighters from you in the future. MIKE, 01/2007 Brooklyn Park, Minnesota USA

Dear Sirs; I recently ordered a KLM B777, Britannia and British Airways 767s and an ANA 787. I am delighted to say all 4 models arrived with you usual speedy delivery and in perfect condition. As always I am very please with my purchases and would like to thank you for your high level of service. ADAMJets is one of the best shops on the net and it is a pleasure to do business with you. Thanks again. Hamish, 01/2007 Cleator Moor, Cumbria GREAT BRITAIN

Dear Sir/Madam; I received my package today and would like to thank you for your very quick shipment and friendly e-mails. The models are beautiful and are wonderful additions to my collection. I have tried several other suppliers, but none could deliver as professional a service as you. I will definitely be using Adam Jets again. Yours sincerely, Miss Eilidh, 11/2006 West Lothian, Great Britain

Estimado amigo Luis;recibí el día de ayer los productos comprados, muchas gracias por su buena atención, desde ahora soy su seguro cliente. Gracias Oscar, 11/2006 Caracas Venezuela

Estimado Sr. Luis; Mil gracias por sus comentarios. Pronto lo llamaré para ordenar algunos modelos MD80 y MD90, al igual que los DC9. Las grandes satisfacciones en la vida se obtienen de grandes sacrificios. He podido apreciar que UD al igual que su esposa son personas muy trabajadoras y no me queda la menor duda de que su negocio continuará siendo exitoso. Tiendas hay muchas pero la experiencia que posee UD es un valor agregado importante y sus clientes lo reconocerán siempre. Seguimos en contacto. Reciba un fuerte abrazo de mi parte. Fernando, 11/2006 San Antonio, Texas USA

Luis; the planes were a huge hit! Both Dave and Harry loved them....Dave said they were the highest quality model planes he had ever seen. I'm sure we'll be talking soon....Feel free to email me if anything comes in that looks good in the 1/200 size. Dave especially likes the diecast models. Thanks again for your help! Best, Joanna, 10/2006 NYC, New York USA

Dear Luis; I was very sorry to hear of the closing of the store in Miami but wanted to say that I wish you luck in the web based part of the business and hope that you will continue to provide the great professional service all of your customers have come to appreciate. While I have come to the Miami store only once, I will miss knowing that it will no longer be there. Best wishes for the next phase of Adamjets.com and I certainly will continue to order my aircraft from you… Warmest regards, Michael, 09/2006 South Bend, Indiana USA.

Dear Luis and Maria; This is Juan from Spain. Thank you for your kind but sad message. Thank you for allowing me to share my dreams with you. It has always been an honor to purchase from you and to be one of your many customers. I will never forget what you have done for me and I will always resort to your website for my model needs if your website is to continue. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Juan, 09/2006 Alicante, España/Spain

Dear Luis and Maria; Sorry to hear the news. I have never been at your showroom and would have loved to...but you are my favorite within the competition and will keep opporting you thru the internet ! And I am sure so will everyone else you have GREAT customer service and THAT is IMPORTANT. KEEP UP WITH YOUR GOOD JOB and things happen for a reason... Best regards and a hug to both, Ivan, 09/2006 Caracas, Venezuela.

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